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A word about Harry

Whether you’re angry or disappointed with Harry, rooting for Harry, or don’t give a damn about Harry, there is one thing we should all agree on.

The title of his book is genius.

SPARE is intriguing. A literary and poetic reference to the centuries-old royal imperative to produce ‘an heir and a spare’.

It is evocative. By definition, a spare is an item that is redundant yet potentially useful. Like a tire or extra toothbrush. By branding himself as a spare, Harry appeals to the reader’s sympathy, merchandising the tone, voice and point of view of his memoir in the bargain.

It is paradoxical. Another definition of spare is to refrain from injuring, killing or distressing.

By all accounts, Harry spares no one.

Could there be another instance in the history of publishing where a single word does such heavy lifting?


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