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How to write like a leader

Speaking in Toronto last fall, best-selling author and New Yorker essayist Jia Tolentino, offered this insight into her craft: "I try to write to not waste people's time." It got me thinking about applying this spirit of economy to blogging and thought leadership: about restraint as a counterpoint to unbridled self-expression. What would this look like? And how could it further the conversation? Here are a few ideas for channelling the power of restraint to raise your communications game, on Linkedin and beyond. Write with clarity versus certainty. Certainty is a feeling of absolute knowing, an emotional state that precludes being curious about other points of view. Clarity is a state of min

5 rules for doing right by every woman you work with

In the winter of 2017, as the #metoo movement was gathering steam, I had the privilege of interviewing the late Canadian business journalist, Anne Kingston, for a national women's magazine. The topic: would our newfound sense of sisterhood survive the 9-to-5? Amid decades of studies concluding that females prefer male bosses and successful women are quick to pull the ladder up behind them, was #metoo about to change everything? Having spent two decades reporting on women and the workplace - during which time women's advancement was considered 'the white man's burden' and the needle hadn't really moved on issues like career pipelines, hiring quotas, maternal walls, glass ceilings and gender s


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