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Why you shouldn't take career advice from Robin Wright

Watching the credits roll on the last few seasons of House of Cards, one might be forgiven for thinking that Robin Wright has morphed into the character of Claire Underwood, channeling her inner Claire to get the credit she deserves. The producer credit. The director credit. The executive producer credit. And, as of last week, a pay hike equal to that of on-screen husband and co-star, Kevin Spacey. “You do have to shame and guilt them into (equal pay),“ Wright said in a live interview hosted by The Rockefeller Foundation. “I was looking at stats and Claire Underwood’s character was more popular than Frank’s for a period of time. So I capitalized on it. I was like you better pay me or I’m gon

How much Sophie is too much Sophie?

“A lobsterman turns his back on three catches in an uncovered bucket. Why isn’t he worried the lobsters will escape? Because they’re Canadian lobsters! If one reaches the top, the others will pull it back down.” I remembered this joke while reading Neil MacDonald’s assessment of why many Canadians are peeved about Sophie Grégoire Trudeau’s request for more staff. MacDonald thinks it is because Sophie is a Tall Poppy – someone who sticks out for being too smart, rich, talented, famous or attractive. “The average American looks at a tall poppy and says: I want to be like that. In Canada, we look at tall poppies and cluck and disapprove and fervently hope somebody takes them down a peg or two,


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