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Dear Olympian: a word from your sponsor

“When this is gone, I die. This version of Adam Van Koeverden is dead, I have to move on,” Canada’s most celebrated paddler told the CBC’s Adrienne Arsenault on his emotional decision to retire from the sport. “No matter what I do next – go to law school, get into banking, open a restaurant or make coffee – I probably won’t be one of the best in the world at it.” It takes a certain kind. Going for The Gold requires sacrifice, drive, discipline, and a single-mindedness bordering on solipsism. You eat, sleep and breathe achievement: the pursuit of anything beyond your personal best becomes an extravagance not worth its price. For Ryan Lochte, an ill-timed pee and an ignoble lie was all it took

The Intern Trap: on getting out alive

It’s the conundrum every unpaid intern knows well: You don’t have a paycheck, but you still have living expenses….What’s to be done?….I’ve learned a few tricks, as have the other interns at Ivanka Trump HQ… So begins the post by Quincy Bulin, a 20-something embarking on her THIRD unpaid summer internship in New York City. Published on, the item is generating much negative press for Ivanka, an empire builder who styles herself as a champion of #womenwhowork. To the moral and practical complications unpaid labour presents, I add another concern. What must employers think when they see internship after internship on a resumé? Do they think: she’s a go-getter with a strong work

Why Melania's speech was all her own

Before Melania Trump took the podium at the Republican convention Monday night to introduce the ‘softer side’ of her husband to the voting public, here’s what I knew about the Slovanian ex-model: 1. She has a ‘thick vampire accent’ (Rolling Stone). 2. She takes her style cues from House of Cards often appearing in ensembles that seem cribbed from the closet of Claire Underwood herself (Style.Mic). 3. The Internet has pictures her husband doesn’t want you to see. What impression was I left with the morning after, even after the plagiarism scandal broke? That, technically speaking, Melania did write her RNC speech herself. With as little help as possible. Just like she said she did. My t

How Justin can take his selfie game to the next level

Arm in arm, the happy couple amble across the sand. Stage right, a shirtless Justin Trudeau, having stumbled onto the scene in a wetsuit, looks on respectfully, yellow surfboard in silent salute. The event photographer gets the shot. The image goes viral. The crowd goes wild. It was accidental, of course. But Justin’s unscripted appearance at this Tofino wedding couldn’t have been written better. To convey a picture of manliness and grace, other world leaders stage photo shoots propped with wild animals, racecars, fighter jets and/or legions of swooning schoolchildren. All Justin has to do is spill into frame. It’s enough to make a propaganda department weep. In Italy, where I was travellin


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